Monkeypox Testing is now Available at Total Testing Solutions

Monkeypox Testing is now Available at Total Testing Solutions

Over the last two years we have become painfully aware of the importance of testing to public health emergencies.

How Different School Districts Are Approaching COVID-19 blog

How Different School Districts Are Approaching COVID-19

A common query that worried parents of young kids and teens ask is, “What about the COVID-19 vaccine for children?

Vaccination for COVID-19 for young people blog

Will My Children Be Better Protected after Vaccination for COVID-19?

Returning to school has created fresh worries for parents, administrators, and school staff.

Stress and Confusion Among Employees Facing a Back-to-Office Call blog

Why There Is So Much Stress and Confusion Among Employees Facing a Back-to-Office Call

Millions of Americans shifted to working from home in March 2020 to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Many workers slowly adjusted to the work-from-home process as the pandemic got severe and spread across the country and the world.

COVID-19 booster shots blog

COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Shots?

There is a growing consensus within the government that some people may benefit from a third shot of the vaccine. However, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is too early to say whether people will need booster shots.

Misconceptions about COVID Vaccines blog

Misconceptions about COVID vaccines

When COVID-19 started spreading at the beginning of 2020, it caught almost every country unaware.

Importance of Continued Testing for COVID in Los Angeles

The Importance of Continued Testing

Despite the global vaccine rollout program being successfully implemented in many countries, the appearance of the Delta variant and infection rates rising once again in California remind us that it is important to remain mindful of COVID19 safety guidelines.

Los Angeles COVID Testing for Construction

Keeping Job Sites Safe

As we prepare for the winter, there is a growing concern that an increase in influenza and “common cold” infections will lead to increased anxiety and call-outs as many people will falsely believe they have COVID-19. There are a few ways we have come up with to help alleviate this fear and help keep anxiety low and productivity high.

Rapid COVID Testing vs Molecular COVID Testing

Rapid vs Molecular Testing: Which is better and why?

See our latest updates regarding the Coronavirus.

RT-PCR vs Antigen Testing

RT-PCR vs Antigen Testing

For diagnostic testing for COVID-19 there are two major forms of testing available. Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and Antigen Testing. .

COVID Testing Sites

Boyle Heights: 1724 Pennsylvania Ave

Santa Clara: 1210 Coleman Ave

South Bay: 14650 Aviation Blvd #100

Beverly Hills/WeHo: 8600 W 3rd St #1

Downtown LA: 1414 S Grand Ave

Montebello: 433 N. 4th Street

Huntington Park: 3268 E Gage Ave

Palmdale: 41250 12th St West

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