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Will My Children Be Better Protected after Vaccination for COVID?

Will My Children Be Better Protected after Vaccination for COVID?  Huntington Park

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Will My Children Be Better Protected after Vaccination for COVID?  Huntington Park

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Will My Children Be Better Protected after Vaccination for COVID?  Huntington Park

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A common query that worried parents of young kids and teens ask is, “What about the COVID vaccine for children?”

Parents are concerned about the news that the virus is affecting kids and teens, though the cases of infection are comparatively limited. The good news is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized the vaccine from Pfizer for use with ages 12 and above. However, as of the writing of this article, no vaccine has been authorized for children under age 12. Extensive studies have been carried out in this field, and they show that COVID vaccines are very safe for kids. Every batch of the vaccine goes through a series of safety and efficacy tests before being cleared for use.

In the United States, over a million kids are already fully vaccinated. No major safety concerns have been identified. There is a strong case for kids and teens to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Although the impact of the virus is relatively mild in children and teens, some of them still develop severe symptoms, including lung infections. Cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children have also been reported in the United States. They may require intensive care or deal with symptoms that last longer and create adverse effects on their health.

Prevents the Spread of the Virus

COVID vaccines can help in preventing and reducing the spread of the virus. As many affected children show no symptoms, but they can still infect others. The vaccine can help limit spread through homes and schools and reduce the possibility that a child infects a friend or loved one.

Can Prevent Emergence of Other Variants

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has mutated several times since it was first detected. The Delta variant is one such mutation and is significantly more contagious and dangerous than the earlier versions. The Delta variant appears to be playing a major role in the increasing instances of kids and teens getting infected. Vaccination can limit the possibility of the virus mutating by limiting the number of suitable hosts for the virus.

The Vaccine Can Help Protect the Community

Another key reason to consider a COVID vaccine for your teen is to protect the health of the community around you. Some people in the community, such as those with autoimmune deficiencies, are advised by their doctors not to get the vaccine. The only way to protect those most at risk is to ensure that the rest of the community around them has been vaccinated. By ensuring vaccination for kids, the community can be protected from the potential spread of the virus.

What Parents Should Know

Side Effects

The side effects of COVID in kids and teens are the same as in adults. They may experience mild-to-moderate fever. The symptoms are temporary and can be managed with OTC medicines.

Immunity Development

It does not take a longer time for kids or teens to develop immunity after they are vaccinated. Parents must make sure that the kids get the correct number of vaccines to be considered fully immunized.

Taking Other Vaccines

There is no restriction on receiving other vaccines (such as MMR, Hepatitis B, or Chicken Pox) after getting vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. CDC mandates that a parent or a guardian should be with the kid or teen during vaccination. Parental consent is mandatory for teens under 18.

Other Factors

A key advantage of getting your kids vaccinated is that they can go back to their academic or sports activities. Better safety is assured if your vaccinated child follows other regulations, such as wearing a mask and observing social distancing. Before they get vaccinated, make sure you talk to your child and explain how the vaccine can help in keeping them and others safe and protected from coronavirus. Motivate them by explaining how the vaccine can help them get back to a normal life. TTS has vaccination sites across the city of LA. For a free vaccine, book an appointment at the location and time most convenient for you and your child.

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