With the new OSHA regulations set forth in December 2020, there are a number of businesses trying to find a way to stay compliant. One of the most important new regulations included in the most recent round of the COVID-19 Prevention changes is the need to create a comprehensive COVID-19 plan.

This can be daunting, even for businesses who spent the majority of the year revamping their practices to adapt to the pandemic. For many, the rules have changed so many times that the COVID-19 plan has essentially boiled down to “just tell us what to do to stay open and we’ll do it!”

Total Testing Solutions understands this frustration. That’s why we now offer OSHA COVID-19 compliance consultations led by our OSHA Certified COVID-19 experts. Our expert team can compile the best practices that you’re already doing, identify areas where you still need to adapt to meet guidelines, collect all the rules and regulations and notices on windows that you’ve posted throughout the year, and put them together into a unified strategy that is easy to implement.

Our goal is to help you build a compliant, effective, comprehensive plan that will keep your employees and customers safe and your business open.

How we can help

Contact us today and our COVID-19 compliance experts can help you develop a comprehensive “Prevention and Precautions” plan. We can help bring your HR department up to speed with a comprehensive explanation that is easy to follow. Our consultants can help your team build a prevention plan or we can build one for you. We know that it is hard enough managing your business without needing to keep up with all the latest changes. Our consultants can help build you a plan and our testing teams can be available when you need us. Below is a list of some of the services we can provide your business.

  • COVID-19 Safety in Workplace Consultation
  • COVID-19 Prevention and Precautions Plan
  • Collaborative HR integration
  • How to deal with an outbreak
  • COVID-19 Employer Testing Recommendations
  • Social Distancing and Mask Wearing Best Practices
  • Contact Tracing Measures
  • Back to work guidelines
  • Quarantine and Isolation Advice
  • Employee COVID-19 Safety and Awareness Training Program

Office COVID-19 Testing Los Angeles

Our Team of COVID-19 OSHA Consultants

Our COVID-19 OSHA experts have years of experience in multiple industries and are accredited in COVID-19 prevention and precautions. We stay up to date with the latest OSHA requirements and ensure all of our consultants are certified in COVID-19 prevention and have completed the necessary training for OSHA, Hazwoper, Cal-OSHA, and are CPR/AED/First Aid certified.

Cal-OSHA Guidelines Resources:

OSHA COVID-19 Compliance Los Angeles

Understanding the emergency temporary regulations put forth by Cal-OSHA takes time - time many employers would rather spend working on their businesses.

At Total Testing Solutions, understanding and keeping up with the latest guidance from regulators like Cal-OSHA IS our business.

Our COVID-19 Cal-OSHA consultants can review your standards and practices and provide you with expert solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve on COVID safety. Here are some more resources that our team feels could be beneficial to employers who fall under Cal-OSHA guidelines.

  • Enhanced Enforcement and Employer Reporting Requirements
  • Cal-OSHA Emergency, Temporary Regulation
  • Employer/Industry Guidance

If you have questions regarding these updates, do not hesitate in scheduling a consultation with a TTS COVID-19 consultant today.

Employer Prevention Plan:

Coming up with a COVID-19 prevention plan can be a daunting task. To help (somewhat) simplify the process, Cal-OSHA developed a COVID-19 Prevention Plan template that businesses can use as a model for their specific industries. You can download the template here:

  • Model COVID-19 Prevention Plan

This template is valuable not only as a model for how businesses should orient themselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases but also as a weathervane to see what the priorities of entities like Cal-OSHA are when it comes to COVID-19 protocols.

Training Resources on COVID-19:

In addition to providing consultation for HR and management to customize COVID-19 prevention plans to your business, TTS also offers specialized training sessions in both English and Spanish for employers and workers alike.

  • We offer training in English and Spanish
  • COVID-19 Training CalOSHA Home page
  • COVID-19 Training for CA Employers
  • COVID-19 Training for CA Workers

An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. You can have the best laid out prevention plan in the world, but it won’t matter much if your employees don’t understand how to implement it. At TTS, we have some of the nation’s top COVID-19 compliance experts ready to offer guidance to your employees in a way that is understandable and gets them to buy into the program. These training sessions can be done in person or virtually. Contact TTS today to schedule a training session and help keep your employees safe and on the job.

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