Covid Testing Reimbursement Procedures

You have an outstanding balance with Total Testing Solutions. Unfortunately, you had an appointment(s) with us on for COVID19 testing services that was unfortunately not covered by federal funding as originally expected. As a company we have exhausted all resources at both the federal and state level to get your test covered without success.

In light of these funding changes and to ensure your previous appointment is covered with no out of pocket responsibilities on your part, we have the following options available to retroactively apply to any fees owed.

Options for Reimbursement

Use My Insurance

To utilize your insurance, simply click the link to complete our reimbursement form or email your insurance information and a photo of your insurance card to [email protected].

Apply for
Emergency Medical

If you do not have insurance coverage but still want your test appointment covered, our team can confirm your eligibility for Emergency Medical coverage for your appointment.

Self Pay

If you do not have or wish to provide insurance information, you may submit payment for your appointment directly here.

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Reimbursement Form

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