Los Angeles Schools COVID-19 Testing

Los Angeles schools reopening during COVID-19 requires mandatory state testing. The rules can be complicated, so trust the experts at Total Testing Solutions to help you navigate it all with ease. We provide on-site testing and in-clinic testing to keep both faculty, students, and staff members safe all school year.

From pre-K to high school and universities, our school system is a pillar of the community. Los Angeles school closures due to COVID have hindered many a student’s education. With schools beginning to reopen, it is more important than ever to keep students and staff protected from the novel coronavirus by implementing regular viral testing procedures to avoid further disruption to a child’s education. That is why Total Testing Solutions (TTS) is pleased to offer COVID-19 screening to schools and universities large and small.

With our help, schools can remain open. Faculty, students, and staff (and their families) can remain safe. At Total Testing Solutions, we understand that education facilities face unique challenges in the wake of the United States’ coronavirus outbreak. The solution is twofold; Professional-grade sanitation of the facilities, and a regular COVID-19 testing schedule. We provide the latter as part of this two-prong approach to keeping schools open amidst a global pandemic.

School-wide COVID-19 Testing Services Keep Schools Safe & Healthy

School COVID-19 Testing Los Angeles

Total Testing Solutions is your facility’s one-stop-shop for business COVID testing services in the greater Los Angeles area. We are dedicated to serving the community with the following suite of services:

  • In-school COVID-19 tests
  • On-site testing pop-ups
  • Quick-screen antibody testing
  • Telehealth consultations
  • Home COVID-19 test kits with prepaid shipping labels
  • Rapid tests with results in 15-20 minutes
  • Regular PCR tests (saliva/nasopharyngeal swabs) with 24-hour results delivery
  • In-home concierge COVID-19 testing

We Specialize in School COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Schools are complex organizations. With so many people coming and going, from students and teachers to visitors and maintenance staff, there is a broad risk of transmission. Yet schools are among the most important industries we serve. Total Testing Solutions follows a safe and convenient testing protocol, adhering to the strictest government and CDC guidelines, in order to ensure that school-wide or individual testing is performed with maximum safety and accuracy in mind. Our diverse range of testing solutions features tests that are all EUA authorized to meet the demand for accurate solutions fostered by leading medical innovation. Email [email protected] for more information.

A COVID-19 Testing Company You Can Trust

Schools depend on us every day to keep educational facilities operating smoothly. Learn more about the Total Testing Solutions difference:

  • We report results to the CDC so you don’t have to
  • Our customized testing solutions are designed to fit each school’s unique needs
  • On-site testing provides maximum convenience for teachers, staff, and students with improved access to testing — Eliminating the need to travel to our clinic for routine tests
  • We are owned and operated by healthcare providers that understand both the scientific and clinical side of testing, unlike some of our competitors
  • No need for separate follow-up appointments. We provide schools with telehealth consultations for any and all employees
  • Partnership with CLIA-certified labs and continuous supervision of healthcare professionals ensure the greatest accuracy of results in the Los Angeles area

School Safety is Our #1 Priority

Safety always comes first at Total Testing Solutions. Routine PCR testing helps to reduce asymptomatic exposure and spread of the virus. We lead the way with highly trained and licensed test technicians that are fully trained. Our medical testing techs adhere to the strictest protocol to reduce the risk of disease transmission while performing EAU authorized tests. From obtaining the sample to handing the samples off to our CLIA certified lab partners within 24 hours, we take great care to keep staff and students protected while on-site testing ensues. Our goal is to make educators’ lives easier by taking care of all the details, keeping compliance, and school liability in mind, so you don’t have to.

Test result delivery can be customized to each business while maintaining HIPAA compliance through a secure online portal. Email [email protected] for more information.

COVID Testing Los Angeles

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Coronavirus Testing Los Angeles