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As workplaces begin to cautiously reopen across Los Angeles, a sense of returning to normal is helping communities to breathe a sigh of relief. Yet the fight against the novel coronavirus is not over. With office, restaurants, and retail storefronts opening their doors to customers once again, there comes a growing concern about increasing the viral spread.

As management in any of these industries, one of the most important steps you must take to protect the health of both your business and employees is to enact regular COVID-19 testing procedures.

Benefits of COVID-19 Business Testing with Total Testing Solutions

  • Keep your business open and compliant
  • Greatly reduce the risk of an unexpected business shutdown
  • Safeguard the health of employees and customers
  • Make it easier to notify others of possible contact with an infected individual
  • Gain peace of mind, since you can’t fight the pandemic with wishful thinking alone
  • Reduce workplace liability
  • Stay ahead of the curve and your competitors

Our Reliable Coronavirus Tests Cater to Industry-specific Needs

As management, you hold the key to creating a safer workplace for customers and employees in the midst of this global pandemic. Partnering with the dedicated medical specialists at Total Testing Solutions (TTS) gives you access to the following Los Angeles COVID-19 test solutions:

  • In-office COVID-19 tests
  • On-site testing pop-ups
  • Quick-screen antibody testing
  • Telehealth consultations
  • Home COVID-19 test kits with prepaid shipping labels
  • Rapid tests with results in 15-20 minutes
  • Regular PCR tests (saliva/nasopharyngeal swabs) with 24-hour results delivery
  • In-home concierge COVID-19 testing

We work with business and employee insurance policies to help cover the initial cost of routine COVID testing. Email for more information.

Why Perform Routine COVID-19 Testing in the Workplace?

Office COVID-19 Testing Los Angeles

Conducting routine COVID-19 tests on employees is necessary for many reasons. COVID-19 testing saves lives. First, it helps detect positive cases quickly so that the infected employee can isolate themselves without unknowingly infecting colleagues or customers. This helps offices, restaurants, and retail businesses remain safe, so they run a much lower risk of a company-wide shut down due to an unexpected viral outbreak. It also helps government officials and researchers track the spread of the virus within the community. When an infected person has been determined to have the virus, test result records make it easier to contact those that may have come in contact with the individual in the workplace over the last 14 days. Finally, it gives management and staff the utmost peace of mind. COVID tests are the only surefire way to know whether someone has contracted the virus or not. With cases increasing in number by the day, it’s not enough to test just once. Routine testing ensures the long term safety of all staff. Email for more information.

Total Testing Solutions is the Leader in Los Angeles Coronavirus Testing for Businesses

TTS is recognized as having one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. This is a huge benefit to commercial businesses that cannot wait for days or weeks for test results. Our PCR Tests deliver results in just 24 hours, and our Rapid COVID-19 Test has results delivered in as little as 15 minutes.

However, we know that fast test results are not enough. At Total Testing Solutions, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of results to meet the demand of the companies that count on us every day. Each test we offer is FDA and EUA approved for the most accurate results possible. This is accomplished by working with CLIA Certified labs that specialize in viral testing. Our licensed test technicians are fully trained in specimen collection and handling to protect the integrity of the sample. Further, all COVID-19 test types are available, such as saliva tests and nasopharyngeal swabs for both home and on-site use.

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