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The film and media production industry has been hard hit by COVID-19. With widespread production delays as a direct result of shutdowns related to the pandemic, it is essential to not only comply with CDC recommendations to keep production on schedule but also to protect the health and safety of film crews and talent alike. Production staff, working long hours together, are like family. It’s management’s role to keep them safe during these uncertain times.

As the film industry reopens, preventing re-closure due to an unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak is of the utmost importance. Regular COVID-19 screenings for talent and staff members are critical to keeping film shoots on their deadlines so production companies can stay in business.

In the wake of this global pandemic, it may feel like a sense of uncertainty leaves management powerless. However, this is certainly not the case. There are simple and smart steps management teams can take in order to protect the health and vitality of not only the company’s bottom line but also the individuals that serve as the heartbeat of your organization. That’s where Total Testing Solutions (TTS) comes in.

When Deadlines Matter, Rapid COVID-19 Tests are a Must

Comerical Studio COVID-19 Testing Los Angeles

In the film production industry, every minute counts. That is why Total Testing Solutions is pleased to offer rapid COVID-19 tests for film industry professionals. Same-day COVID tests provide peace of mind with individualized testing that delivers test results, often in just 15 minutes from when the test sample is taken from the patient. TTS is known to have among the fastest turnaround times in the industry. This includes 15-minute rapid tests and 24-hour PCR results, by request. Email for more information.

COVID Testing Services to Meet the Film Industry’s Needs

  • Testing at local sites
  • Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • On-site testing pop-ups for larger businesses to prevent the spread
  • Quick-screen antibody testing
  • Telehealth consultations
  • Saliva testing

Concierge-style Services Cater to Your Unique Industry

When it comes to on-site testing of production crew and talent, we have all your needs covered. TTS works with production teams in the entertainment industry on an individualized basis to conform to your scheduling needs. We offer personalized, concierge-level service to cater to your company’s unique demands.

Our dedicated team understands that film and TV productions have strict deadlines and, frequently, uncommon or industry-specific circumstances that require both flexibility and agility. We work on your schedule, so just name the place and time, and our medical testing professionals will make it happen. Customized scheduling is available for media productions of all sizes, from large and small. Email for more information.

Comerical Film COVID-19 Testing Los Angeles

Ease Security and Privacy Concerns with Professional, At-home COVID-19 Tests

Our discreet, at-home COVID-19 tests are an excellent solution for keeping the privacy and security of talent and celebrities well protected. While on-site testing is always performed with the utmost discretion and privacy for the tested individual, there is no safer or more convenient option than having talent and crew members tested from the comfort and privacy of home.

TTS offers both concierge in-home testing provided by highly trained medical testing experts, as well as home COVID-19 test kits that are easy for the average user to perform. Home test kits can simply be mailed back to the label using the enclosed shipping label, and results are delivered in just a few days — all without leaving home.

At-home COVID testing is also ideal for those that suspect they may have been exposed to the virus that does not wish to risk transmitting the virus to others by leaving home. Our approved test kits are medical-grade and comply with the most stringent protocol set forth by government agencies to ensure the highest accuracy of results.

Test result delivery can be customized to each business while maintaining HIPAA compliance through a secure online portal. Email for more information.

Accuracy & Safety are Our Specialities

TTS is known for offering approved tests with an unmatched level of accuracy. This is accomplished by working with multiple CLIA Certified laboratories that specialize in viral testing. Further, COVID-19 test types are available, such as saliva tests and nasopharyngeal swabs for both home and on-site use. Each test we offer is FDA and EUA approved for the most accurate results possible.

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